The Background of the Project

In a situation where anxiety, depression,and individual mental trauma are prevalent
like infectious diseases throughout society due to the influence of COVID-19,
public and fundamental solutions are needed.

Acceleration of the mental health crisis

It refers to a situation in which
individuals’ mental trauma is widespread
like an infectious disease throughout society

One out of two individuals feels depressed

It’s found that 47.5% of Koreans are experiencing anxiety
and depression because of prolonged COVID-19

The national efforts to prevent the rise in the number of mental health claimants.

When COVID-19 enters the phase of the “Third pandemic”,
the government will further strengthen
the “Psychological quarantine” of the people.

Purpose of project

Goal 1. Strengthening Dongguk University’s Status as a Meditation Culture Platform

By distributing academic research which is specializing in meditation and knowledge related to universal meditation at internal and external, our university’s status is strengthened as a Korean meditation culture platform, implementing founding ideology and serving as a forward base for missionary work.

Goal 2. Alleviating Public Trauma due to Long-Term COVID-19

Due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation, individual mental trauma is prevalent like an infectious disease throughout society, meditation can convey comfort, peace, and happiness to the people who are suffering from “Mental Demic”.

Goal 3. Making a Healthy Mindset with The Meditation!

By discovering and disseminating various meditation methods that can be experienced and practiced in daily life amongst individuals, groups, classes, ages, cultures, and countries in modern society, the health and happiness of individuals that can be obtained through meditation and spread to society and the country.

Expected Benefits

“The Dongguk University, the central platform of the Korean meditation cultures”

Serving a leading role in promoting Buddhist cultures

  • - The proliferation and extension of the Buddhist spirits in societies by promoting meditation cultures
  • - Proposing right criteria and standards of legit meditation as an authentic and time-honored meditation institution in the flood of modern applied meditations
  • - Conducting as a forward base for missionary work by inducing an increase in the meditation population

Developing and Expanding the Meditation Industry

  • - New meditation contents development for the coming 4th Industrial Revolution
  • - Weaving new connections between the new industrial fields and meditation contents
  • - Meeting Social Demand and Enhancing the Rate of Employment

Leading the
New K-Wave

  • - Branding Korean meditation cultures into ‘K-Meditation’ in this era of the K-Wave and its soft power
  • - Attracting foreign tourists and enhancing national brands through the development and distribution of meditation contents

Organization of events

Based on the construction infrastructure of the online platform, there are 4 fields and 11 programs, including “Academic, Experience, Culture, and Archive”.

  • Academic
  • Conference
  • Poster Presentation
  • Experience
  • Traditional·Applied Meditation
  • Happiness Delivery Meditation
  • Coaching Meditation
  • Meditation guide book
  • Meditation guide for beginner
  • AKO Meditation AR
  • Culture
  • Video Art Contest
  • Meditation Concert
  • Meditation Library
  • Archiving


  • Building an online platform
  • Youtube
  • ZOOM


The entire event schedule