Nice to meet you. I’m Dongguk University principal Yoon Seong-yee.

We sincerely welcome you to the 2nd Seoul International Meditation Festival <2021 Meditation, New Connection>, hosted by Dongguk University and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

With the prolonged COVID-19, a Mental Demic situation extends that individuals’ mental trauma spread throughout society. In this century’s circumstances, Dongguk University has set the stage for providing comfort and peace to the world as a meditation law that makes the body and mind healthy.

Following 2020, this year it will be held under the theme of "New Connection" to meet and recover the minds of people cut off by COVID-19 through meditation. Various programs have been truly prepared, including meditation conferences involving domestic and foreign scholars, meditation experiences using augmented reality, meditation lessons through real-time chat, traditional meditation and applied meditation, and meditation libraries where you can check the latest information and materials on meditation in one place.

Dongguk University, a prestigious Buddhist private school will continue to take the lead in sharing the importance and greatness of meditation to the world and play a role as a "global meditation platform" that transcends religion, race, country and culture.