Project Background

There is a need to overcome the “Corona Blue” caused by a prolonged period of COVID-19 pandemic through a public mental health promotion program in line with the trend of the New Normal era and to prepare popular psychological quarantine methods for the post-COVID-19

Expansion of the New Normal Era

Expansion of the New Normal Era

The need for a New Normal-Style Program has emerged to welcome a healthy era with the expansion of the New Normal era brought by a leap into the digital era and the outbreak of a global pandemic.

The Necessity of Promoting the Vitality of Koreans

The Necessity of Promoting the Vitality of Koreans

Data shows that due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, 53.5% of Koreans have experienced depression and a decrease in physical activity

Preparing for the Post-COVID-19 Era

Facing a new world after COVID-19, there is a need for a thorough preparation process to strengthen resilience and improve mental &physical health to expect a healthy daily life for people around the world

Project Goals

Goal 1. Building a Meditation Culture Platform and Forming a Global Trend of K-Meditation

Disseminate professional academic research on meditation, universal knowledge, and future visions domestically and internationally, and establish a Dongguk University-centered meditation platform through the globalization of Korean meditation

Goal 2. Preparing for Endemic: Healthy Post-COVID-19 Era

Spread the New Normal-Style global meditation trend to face “Endemic” and the “Post-COVID-19 Era”. Welcome a successful post-COVID-19 era by restoring the healthy daily life of global citizens

Goal 3. Practicing Wisdom and Mercy in Everyday Life through Meditation

Develop and distribute meditation techniques that can be experienced and applied in daily life so that individuals can acquire wisdom and practice mercy. Embody the communication and harmony between individuals and individuals, individuals and societies, and among groups, even happiness and peace for humankind.

Expected Outcomes

"Dongkuk University,
the Center of Meditation Culture Platform
that Leads the Meditation Trend“

1. Leading the Promotion of Buddhist Culture

  • - Disseminate specialized academic research and universal knowledge on meditation domestically and internationally
  • - Present the roles and standards as an authentic meditation institute amidst the flood of various kinds of applied meditation
  • - Implement founding philosophy and the Buddhist Spirit by promoting meditation culture and social diffusion

2. Habituation & Popularization of Meditation

  • - Discover and disseminate different types of meditation techniques that can be experienced and practiced in everyday life regardless of groups, classes, ages, and countries
  • - Enhance convenience and familiarity with meditation in everyday life by building a “meditation delivery” system
  • - Contribute to the spread of individual health and happiness achieved through meditation to our society and nation

3. Invigoration of the Meditation industry

  • - Provide information on the current state of the meditation industry using cutting-edge technology and verify the effect of meditation device experience
  • - Suggest the development direction of the meditation industry and enhance future industrial value through expert discussion

Event Organization

The event program features academics, experience, culture, industry, a meditation playground, and a meditation library based on the infrastructure of online platform construction

  • Academic program
  • Conference
  • Poster presentation
  • Experience
  • Traditional Meditation
  • Applied Meditation
  • Happiness Delivery Meditation
  • Meditation talk on Meditation
  • Culture
  • Opening Ceremony
  • International Meditation Music Competition
  • 108 Second Meditation Video Contest
  • Industry
  • Meditation and Industry
  • Meditation playground
  • Meditation Spot
  • Meditation library
  • Archiving


  • Online Platform Construction
  • (3D web-site)
  • Youtube
  • ZOOM


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