The 3rd Seoul International Meditation Expo
‘2022 Meditation, New World’

Leading the Meditation Culture Platform

To present the value and future vision of the meditation industry, Dongguk University will host the 3rd “2022 Meditation, New World”, changing the name from “Seoul International Meditation Festival” to “Seoul International Meditation Expo”. For the purpose of leading the popularization and globalization of meditation, the event has planned and prepared various meditation contents, including academic, culture, experience, industry, a meditation playground, and a meditation library. In particular, at the time of “living with COVID-19”, when modern people are going through psychological and emotional problems, the event provides the opportunity to experience and learn meditation in everyday life to recover mental health through customized meditation.

Providing Various Innovative Meditation Contents

The academic program, composed of international academic conferences and poster presentations with the theme of meditation for healing, science, and future society, allows renowned researchers from home and abroad to give lectures and have time to share the academic achievements of meditation with people around the world. Furthermore, the program is not just one-way lecture sessions but differentiated experience sessions that enable two-way communication providing all participants with a guide to practical meditation techniques.

The experience program, a trendy video filmed with public participation enabling anyone to access meditation with interest, offers the utmost practical meditation methods for enjoyable daily practice. Traditional Meditation consists of lectures on Ganhwaseon, Vipassana meditation, and hands-on experience, and Applied Meditation provides easy-to-follow meditation techniques with which anyone can empathize.

In particular, "Happy Delivery Meditation" is an on-site meditation learning program in which visiting citizens in-person who are tired of the prolonged Covid-19. It will continue to provide tailored meditation techniques for each individual to bring the power of healing and positive thinking to peoples' lives.

Opening Ceremony: Leading the Future Meditation Culture

‘The 3rd Seoul International Meditation Expo’ kicked off the opening ceremony titled “New World, New Meditation”. It is to be held in real-time with a celebration and welcome from all walks of life, along with groundbreaking plans such as intro videos, main videos, and the collaboration of the award-winning works of the Meditation Music Competition.

Presenting ‘Meditation’ as Art

Furthermore, the "International Meditation Music Competition" and the "108 Second Meditation Video Content Contest" are to be held under the theme of “Meditation Content” for happiness and peace. Novel works of meditation art presented by many participants from all different backgrounds will add enrichment to the event. The contests will provide participants from all different backgrounds with opportunities to interpret meditation as art while allowing people to feel meditation sensuously and make a positive contribution to the popularization of meditation.

The Limitless World of Meditation

Due to the situational characteristics, the meaning of meditation extends far beyond mere stress management. In this regard, the event suggests the potential of industrial value creation in meditation. Discussion on meditation as an industrial field with prominent experts in the meditation-related industry allows you to check the current status and vision of the meditation industry in real-time.

The event has also prepared a program to help the public enjoy meditation easily in everyday life using a meditation map and social media. It will create a meditation spot map based on the records of meditation locations the event participants shared through Instagram and Facebook to provide continued support to people for daily healing and recovery.

The Path to Your True Self

The Seoul International Meditation Festival "2022 Meditation, New World" is prepared to restore vitality in daily life by healing the minds of those who are tired of the ongoing situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic through meditation. Meditation helps us put down the anxiety of reality by bringing our minds together and helps us realize the true self through awareness. It is now extending its meaning to a role that awakens the unique capabilities of human beings far beyond the mere management of mental health and stress of modern people.

Dongguk University aims to share lectures by world-renowned scholars and various programs with all citizens of the world and bring their minds together. We will fulfill our mission as an authentic meditation institute that prays for the management of peoples' healthy minds and leads them to happiness.