Nice to meet you.
I am
Yoon, Seong Yee,
president of Dongguk University.

Dongguk University will host the 3rd Seoul International Meditation Expo sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

In the midst of the continued presence of the COVID-19 pandemic from last year, we would like to welcome you with the theme of “2022 Meditation, New World” this year, which will bring hope and vitality to the lives of people tired and distressed through familiarization, popularization, and globalization of meditation.

Various programs have been truly prepared, including the meditation conference involving world-renowned scholars from home and abroad, meditation experience using virtual reality, and the meditation library where you can check the latest information and materials on meditation in one place. We have also prepared various meditation methods to practice in everyday life anywhere, anytime, and the event programs for all generations.

To implement the founding philosophy of fostering Buddhist disciples who will contribute to human society, Dongguk University will continue to take the lead in promoting the importance and greatness of Korean meditation to the world. Also, we will continue to develop innovative meditation content and lay the foundation for familiarizing, popularizing, and globalizing meditation, transcending religions, races, countries, and cultures to play a role as a “global meditation platform”.

Lastly, I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to all those involved in “2022 Meditation, New World” this year. Wishing you peace and happiness always. Sincerely,

Yoon, Seong Yee

President of Dongguk University

April 2022