New Meditation Trends

Meditation device

In today's complex, fast-changing, modern society,people who suffer from anxiety and stress
want to manage their mental health and improve their quality of life.


Based on ICT, the boundaries between digital and biological are becoming blurred andthe fourth industrial revolution, a technological revolution that is mutually convergence was mentioned. The meditation industry also introduced various meditation devices that can practice meditation and meditation content using VR to respond to the trend.

플로트 탱크
Float tank

“Float tank” helps users meditate through float therapy. The device is filled with a mixed solution of Epsom salt, which has a higher salinity than the Dead Sea and maintains a temperature similar to body temperature. The Float tank heals depression and anxiety as well as physical fatigue. If users perform float therapy in this meditation device, they can expect to have a stabilizing effect on the body and mind.

Guided Meditation VR
Guided Meditation VR

Guided Meditation VR is the first VR meditation content that uses the peace of nature scenery. VR provides modern people with a natural environment to escape from their daily life, helping them to focus on meditation, and allowing users to choose a program that suits their taste.

마인드플레이스 리미나
MindPlace Limina

MindPlace Limina is an easy-to-use small display that uses light and sound. It helps the user to meditate by using an EEG audio program. The device has various sessions with topics of relaxation, stimulation, meditation or intriguing, and various audio waveforms and allows the user to reach a relaxed state of mind.

House of Meditation
House of Meditation

House of Meditation is a meditation content that provides 8 environments and 6 sessions. Each session provides an experience to explore the user's inner self and is effective at relieving stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Meditation is conducted through narration and allows the user to experience various meditation environments.


“Perfect” is a VR content that allows the user to experience tropical beaches, arctic aurora, and mountains. Users can relax their minds and body while listening to the sound selected by them in each environment.

The fourth industrial revolution enabled mobile technology to have begun to harmonize in earnest with our daily life. It becomes easier to find various services using O2O services that combine online and offline in our daily lives. Accordingly, as an increasing number of consumers are striving for their own lifestyles and taste, many meditation devices and content have been developed to satisfy their tastes.


Somadom is the world's first high-tech meditation pod. The light, color, and special-purpose ceramic tiles are used to balance the mind and body of the user. Also, Somadom lowers the user's blood pressure and stabilizes the mind to relieve depression and insomnia by helping produce melatonin that induces sleep and cortisol that supplies energy to fight stress.


BrainTap is a meditation device that gives users an immersive experience to achieve better brainwave synchrony by sending LEDs through the ears directly to the brain. Brain Tap’s unique audio program allows users to practice various frequencies and meditations to restore balanced brain health. It also helps relieve daily stress and maintains the balance of the nervous system.


iBrain 3 is a meditation device to train the brain. The unique content of iBrain ‘brain wave vibration’ helps the user relieve stress, stabilize emotions, and control emotions. It is a brain health solution device that affects the overall brain functions, such as concentration and thinking ability.


WiseMind is the content for the mindfulness of users, which is developed for patients in hospitals. It has programs to stabilize the patient's mind and body, such as Tai Chi, stone tower building, and breathing techniques. In each program, users can find an interesting interface that exaggerates the movements of Tai Chi and exaggerates the breath in the breathing method.

Nature treks VR
Nature treks VR

Nature treks VR content provides a variety of natural environments that allows users to experience outside of their daily life. Users can choose any location they want, such as a tropical beach, under the sea, in the forest, or space, and customization is available by adding elements that users want.

With the advent of the term 'sohwakhaeng', which means small but certain happiness, an increasing number of people are cherishing the little things of everyday life. tropical beach, under the sea, in the forest, or space, and customization is available by adding elements that users want.

Mindwave Mobile2

Mind Wave Mobile 2 is an EEG (brainwave sensing) technology device. This device measures brain waves using biometric information transmitted through the user's concentration, blinking, and relaxation. This process enables the device to receive the user's meditation data and check whether the user practices meditation well or not. Also, various brain training programs are devised.

n.o.w Ton Therapy

n.o.w Ton Therapy is a meditation device that consists of two speakers. It helps the user enter meditation mode in 3 minutes so as not to let busy modern people feel burdened. The unique meditation music of this device is designed for all age groups and helps the user relieve stress and stabilize the mind and body.

Simple Meditation

Simple Meditation is a meditation device that relieves tension and provides refreshment through EEG. Through the meditation music of Simple Meditation, this device generates an α wave that appears when the mind and body are stable and a Θ wave that helps concentration, helping users to meditate. These effects enable the device to be recognized as a “health promotion device”.

HTC (vive pro)

HTC VIVE PRO 2 is a VR device that provides the clarity of 5K resolution. In addition, it expands the user's visual experience through a viewing angle of 120° that matches the human eye. It reduces eye fatigue by adjusting the distance between the pupils and its ergonomic design allows the user to achieve balance and comfort.

As ‘chameleon’, in which a specific space is transformed into a space of a new identity as well as a unique function, became popular, many people could practice meditation in various spaces. Accordingly, various miniature meditation devices have emerged that can help people practice meditation anywhere, such as at a workplace or in a quiet cafeteria.

마인드 리프레쉬
Mind Refresh

Mind Refresh is a meditation device that helps users measure EEG through headset hardware. It relieves the user's stress and tension by generating alpha waves, the brain waves that lead the brain to a calm state. Also, the meditation coaching application included in the product enables the device to provide the user with personalized management.

Muse, Muse S

Muse, Muse S is a wearable meditation device that provides a function of meditation concentration. This device helps the user to focus better on the meditation environment. It also provides an objective numerical value by carefully detecting the body reaction of the user. Wearing Muse, Muse S, which is a fabric material, at bedtime allows the device to measure the various physical reactions of the user and stimulates brain waves that help the user sleep better to improve the quality of sleep.


Sensate is a meditation device that uses infra-sonic frequency to stimulate the vagus nerve, which is located deep inside the user's nervous system. This device works with a dedicated application to help the users meditate through meditation music. The vagus nerve is the nerve that your body responds to when you're stressed, and if it gets strengthened, it plays an important role in improving the heart health and breathing rate of the human body.

Apollo Neuro

Apollo Neuro is a wearable meditation device worn on the ankles or wrist. This device tracks biometrics to strengthen the autonomic nervous system and rebalance to enhance heart rate variability (HRV). It also improves concentration and the quality of sleep to help users meditate.


Dhyana is a wearable meditation device that measures HRV (heart rate variability). This device analyzes the breathing, relaxation, and concentration of the user and provides immediate feedback by measuring HRV. It provides various meditation sessions for the self-developed application and works seamlessly with other meditation applications.

With the advent of COVID-19, the new term 'Corona-blue' to refer to this phenomenon appeared. Corona-blue is a combined word, meaning depression or helplessness caused by COVID-19. A meditation device that helps various meditation methods such as subtraction meditation and mindfulness to overcome Corona Blue has attracted people's attention.

OpenSeed Pod

OpenSeed Pod helps the user to meditate through audiovisual and sensory harmony. When entering a pod that looks like a flower bud, people who cannot practice meditation due to space-time constraints can enjoy moments of calm at all times. It provides an excellent environment that is ideally harmonized with soft lighting, healing sound, and pleasant air, allowing people to enjoy meditation comfortably.

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 is a VR device that allows the user to enjoy cinematic 3D location-based audio through a built-in speaker. The device can use a high-speed processor and a high-resolution display and even the finest details can also be discerned. It also has the function of directly transmitting the user's movement to VR.


Core is a small meditation device that uses a meditation program application that measures the physical reaction of the user. It provides a heart rate variability (HRV) indicating the changing pattern of the user's heart rate. This is a biometric indicator that shows adaptability to the current environment and helps the user to meditate. It provides a variety of brain training for relieving daily stress that affects mental and physical health.

옴니핏 브레인
Omnifit Brain

Omnifit Brain is an EEG (brainwave sensing) device that measures brain waves through two-channel sensors. It checks the user's current brain condition and recommends customized content through analysis. Various programs and music to help with meditation are provided and binaural beats are used to control brain waves by delivering two different frequencies to the brain.


Flowtime is a headband that helps the user to meditate by detecting the user's biological flow. Data such as brain wave data, heart rate, and relaxation are converted into tangible data and delivered to the user. This device has a variety of systems to motivate meditation, provides a program to find a breath consistency that can balance physically and mentally, and provides meditation communication between users to encourage each other.


Morpheus is a meditation & sleep gadget that helps relieve stress and overcome anxiety and sleep disorders. More than 200 different sounds are used to help users meditate. There are various categories such as body scan, breathing, movement, heart rate maintenance, napping, relaxation, and more, and users can use it while on the go.